The GRID has partnered with GRASP to provide a variety of outreach services to families and the community.

 The Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID) is collaboration of local agencies and community members working to help youth, families and communities effectively prevent and reduce gang and youth violence in their communities.

  Through a framework of strategies, GRID promotes community and agency coordination and provision of needed services to youth, families and communities impacted by gangs. To prevent, intervene and suppress youth and gang violence, GRID is mobilizing communities; developing education, training and employment programs serving gang-involved youth; providing needed services to gang-involved youth (and their families); coordinating suppression efforts; and, developing policies and procedures to address the gang problem. The GRID is currently focusing its work in the following neighborhoods: Westwood, Northeast Park Hill, Swansea, and Cole.

To learn more about or to get involved with GRID please contact:
GRID (720) 913-4617






GRASP (Gang Rescue and Support Project) is a peer-run, intervention program that works with youth who are at-risk of gang involvement or are presently active in gangs, helps families of gang victims, and serves as a youth advocate. And, it works so well because it is run by ex-gang members who broke free of the gang life-style and turned their lives around. The staff understand how difficult it is to make this transition and the challenges confronting youth who do it. Established in 1991 after a tragic ‘drive-by’ shooting death of a teen, GRASP has evolved into a highly respected and successful program of Metro Denver Partners, a non-profit organization, that for over 40 years has helped kids to better futures through one-on-one mentoring


• Thursday Night Support Circle 
• School Base Groups El Joven Noble
• GRID-Denver Outreach
• AGRIP - Aurora Outreach 
• AIM Outreach  Denver Health 
Targeted Presentations/Training
• Tattoo Removal
• Barrio Unity Mural Project

Anyone who wants help getting out of a gang, or wants to avoid joining a gang, is encouraged to attend meetings. In addition, referrals are accepted from Juvenile Justice, schools, family, friends, public defenders, and other community-based agencies. There is no fee. The general referral criteria is:

• Male/female youth, ages 14-24
• Gang-involved (ranked in or associated with gang members, and/or family history of gang involvement)
• Substance abuse issues
• History of Juvenile Justice involvement
• Family dysfunction or family involvement in any of the above

If you know a kid who’s ready to
get out of a gang call 303-777-3117
and we’ll tell you about GRASP.