A fruitful project: Cafeteria will serve food that kids grow

Memo Perez, of Denver, shovels dirt around the base of a fruit tree last week for the Fruit Tree 101 project at Kepner Middle School in Denver. Produce from the fruit trees will be served in students lunch when the trees are fully grown. Trees also were planted at Denver School of Science and Technology in Stapleton.
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by: Kathryn Richert

Article Contributed on: 7/7/2010 10:04:54 AM

Despite being on summer break, Kepner Middle School and Denver School of Science and Technology students showed up at school last week, not with books, but with shovels.

They were there to plant fruit trees in the school's garden that when full grown, will bear apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, plums and pears. The fruit will then go in students' lunches and to community members who help plant and harvest the trees.

The effort is part of a multi-organizational push to promote urban gardening and particularly school gardening at districts metrowide, including Denver Public Schools, especially in "food deserts," or areas with limited access to healthy food, such as the area in which Kepner sits.

"It's good for the community because it brings people together," said Alondra Sandoval, 14, who helped plant trees with GRASP, or Gang Rescue and Support Project

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Westwood day of Action with Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú Tum





Xupantla 2010 

Gurpo Tlaloc Hosted GRASP co-sponsored  Xupantla 
Cultura Cura! La Raza Park 


Juneteenth 2010

Outreach workin Juneteenth in the 5 Points Denver, Colorado 

Learn more about Juneteenth:


Barrio Unity Mural Project- Cesar Chavez

Thank you Javier Flores, Johnny Santos for your hard work 

All our partners... Tlazo 

The César Chávez Peace and Justice Committee of Denver

Councilman Paul D. López


Artist Javier Flores


Barrio Unity Stories Daniel "Nane" Alejándrez

Griego: For 30 years, he's been studying gangs,
seeking an antidote

By Tina Griego

Denver Post Columnist

Daniel "Nane" Alejandrez arrived in Denver on Tuesday and spent Wed sitting in a wing-back chair fielding questions from Dr. Vincent Harding daughter, Rachel. Have you met Dr. Harding? Alejandrez asks me.

At that point, I hadn't even met Alejandrez, who has a national reputati three decades of work with youth involved in gangs, in the life of the st supplants the life of the soul. "The madness that destroys our youth," A calls it.

 He'll be speaking Friday night at 6:30 at Su Teatro on Seventh Avenue Admission is free.
"You have to meet Dr. Harding," Alejandrez says. "He's a great man."

Harding was friend and speechwriter to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. professor emeritus of religion and social transformation at Iliff School of Twelve years ago, he started the Veterans of Hope project. It revolves depth interviews with key leaders, thinkers and activists in civil-rights m past and present. 




Barrio Unity Stories Adrian Archibeque

La Raza Youth Conference 2010: Barrio Unity workshop 


May GRASP Temescalli


The sweat was a good one! A packed house 25 youth .. Aho.. and they even wanted extra round. all the youth .. Felipe, Tammy, Jojo, Amanda, johnnie, and Niko


Sick Jacken GRASP PSA


GRASP and The La Raza Youth Leadership Conference

Stand up, Move forward, Prevail was the theme of this years conference, and GRASP not only presented and informed young people in the community about Barrios Unity, but teens from the GRASP program

Barrio Unity stories from young people throughout Colorado were filmed, great conversations took place, and one GRASP teen took home a scholarship from College in Colorado!