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A Message from Michelle 


Hello everyone. I wanted to take a moment to share this story with you. As I have mentioned before the St. Charles group has
gone through a lot of changes recently and one of our goals was to volunteer ea month. We volunteered in the beginning of March at the Denver Rescue Mission, doing meal prep. The kids were excited about the opportunity and after volunteering asked if we could do it every week. We agreed that every other week would be more realistic and last night was the second visit. Instead of doing the meal prep, we came later and served almost 300 people that came through the doors.

It was a sight to see! In a cafeteria like setting, for 2 1/2 hours, I watched the young men and young ladies "hustle", cleaning up empty trays, refilling watcher pitchers and listened to them, with the utmost respect, address homeless men as sir. Afterwards, I offered to take the kids for some ice cream and while driving they discussed "how good it felt to do something good for others", "that today was a good day" and how "they never imagined that they would be doing this with GRASP and that it's not  just a hangout spot anymore", "that they are actually doing for their community" , that "it may just be us (referring to the fact that only about 7-10 come regularly now) but we're committed, we're out here doin stuff". They were so excited and just can't wait to do it again. (But wait, that's not the best part)

As we entered  a fast food restaurant, we are in line ordering and a homeless man asks one of the kids for some change to buy a hamburger, the young man begins to pull some change from his pocket and I tell the homeless man to order what he wanted and I would pay for it. We sit down, girls at one table and boys at another. The homeless man happens to wonder next to us and starts talking to the boys. They offer him a seat at their table and I watched wearily, as three young man sat with him for almost an hour listening to him talk about life as they shared laughs and a hamburger together.

As we were leaving, the girls asked the boys what they had been talking about and they said that what the man had to say "was deep, it was real"  and as I turn back to check if everyone is ready to get into the car, I witness one of those young men pull his sweatshirt over his head and hand it the homeless man. (that brought me to tears and of course I got made fun of for it! =) ) In the car they told they told the girls that he wasn't giving them advice, but spreading information. They said what he talked about would be their facebook quotes for the next month and that they can learn from anyone as long as you give time to listen......

I have heard people say that youth have no respect for elders. Why are we helping gang members, what's the point?, They don't care why should we?

From now on, whenever I hear that I will look back and remember these kids, that night and will simply respond. "I've seen it.. give them an opportunity to be humbled, they'll outshine". I couldn't be more proud.


Thanks for your time. I hope this brings a smile to your face or a moment of satisfaction knowing what we do, counts. Have a great day!

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Omqq.!! This Almost Brought Me To Tears.! Ahaha Im So Proud Of Ourselfs' That Really Was A Life Chanqinq Event. It Feels Awesome To Know That You Can Help Others, I Guess Thats The Feelinq Yuhh Get When You Help Us Huh? Thats Why You Never Seem To Give Up On Us, Even When We, Give Up On Ourselfs'. Even Though There's Only A Few Of Us We're Actually Makinq A Difference, We're Comitted And Ready To Make A Chanqe In Our Community. Anyways, Im Glad You Put This Up And Im Glad That You Were There To Witness How Our Thoughts Changed In Just A Few Hours. You Gave Us The Opportunity And We Deffenetly Outshined((:

May 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSandra Delgado

That is an awesome story. It brought tears to my eyes too. All some people need is just one chance and it changes their path in life. Some of us are not dealt a great hand in life but with hard work and determination we can change that. I work with gang members every day. Sometimes all you have to do is say one thing to them and it changes the way they think. I will continue to try and help in any way I can. If I can reach one of them that's a good day in my book.

October 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTeresa Heidemann

Awesome peace of content

October 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDiwali Messages

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