Tattoo Removal Program


Tattoo Removal Progam criteria:

• Between 14-24 years old 
• Complete 15 hour of community Service
• If under 20 must attend 10 Thursday night Healling Ciricles 
• Tattoos must be in the qualifying areas ie. face, neck, arms and hands
• Must commit to a gang free lifestyle 
• Must live in the Metro Denver area  

Tattoo Removal Program is a collaborative effort between Tattoo Undo & Veins Too and GRASP (Gang Rescue and Support Project). The focus for this program is to assist youth in an integral part of a positive, lifestyle change. Tattoo removal is an important part, at any stage of change, in breaking one’s identity from the gang lifestyle and creating a person free of negative labels written on their skin to define who they are. It is, therefore, an expectation that each participant has already made the commitment to exit gang life and commit to a positive lifestyle void of gang identification. Tattoo removal would then become the next necessary step toward successful change, and reward for completing the rehabilitation process.